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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Change can be fun. Change can be different. Change can shake up your world like nobody's business. Some people embrace chance, some people begrudgingly accept change as a necessary part of life, and some people shy away from change as if it was the plague.  Me, I used to avoid change as if my life depended on it.

Cancel plans?
 I wouldn't talk to you for a week.

Move the due date for an assignment?
I'd usually turn it in on the previously agreed upon time.

Flight delay and/or traffic that causes me to be late?
I would be a crab for the rest of the day.

Then my whole world got turned upside down in the blink of an eye.  I still have my moments, but I have grown to accept change as a necessary part of my every day.  Don't get me wrong, there are still days when a canceled date or late appointment or traffic jam will make me crazy, but those days are fewer and farther apart.  I've come to realize that life is too short to sweat the small stuff, because sometimes, with a moment's notice, everything is different.

You're alone.
You're a single parent.
You're a widow.
You're no longer living in your own space with your own things.
You're wondering what happens next.

Sometimes, change is for the better. Sometimes, it's not.


  1. I'm not one that likes change, but I do agree that I'm less likely these days to let little changes bother me like when I was younger. Of course your change was a very big life changing change.


    1. It's funny how your views on things evolve over time or under the specific circumstances. Sometimes you have to learn to just roll with it!

  2. Moving homes is the biggest change for me-- most of the times I dislike it.

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    1. I completely agree. The packing/unpacking/adjusting/making new friends thing is one of the least fun things I have ever done. At least now I'm settling in and putting down roots for my kids.

  3. I embrace change these days. I had a life event about 13 years ago and ever since then, I'm more of afraid of not changing than standing still.

    Keep writing! ~ susan

  4. I used to HATE change (as much as I hate earthworms... and those bad boys give me the creeps til this day) but I'm learning to accept it as time goes on. It's important for things in life to flow and change with time. Stagnant waters bring forth disease is what my grandma always said.

    1. Change used to bring out the worst in me. With kids though, it is inevitable. I am slowly learning to roll with it, but it is hard!

  5. So true! Change can be difficult, but sometimes it leads to better things.

  6. I once attended a work seminar where they said change was the biggest stressor we face. Death of a loved one is at the top of the list...especially if it's unexpected. I think it takes a long time for the "new normal" to take effect, but there are gradual improvements along the way. It probably helps to establish a new routine that at least makes you feel life is normal and eventually your mind starts to catch up.

    1. New normal. Everyone calls it that. I used to hate the term, but I guess it is pretty accurate.