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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friends and family

     The kids and I were lucky enough to have a wonderful support network of friends and family as we started on this crazy new life.  My mom and stepdad were gracious enough to let us move into their home on a full time basis so I didn't have to be alone. Very good friends of ours let us stay at their house every weekend so I had some social interaction.  One of my best friends convinced me to go back to school and helped me to find my path there.  My dad and stepmom take the kids on vacation and give me some breathing space.  My in laws help me discuss boy things with the kids that I wouldn't even begin to have a clue about.
     In this support system, I am truly lucky. It is nice when I am having a particularly rough day to be able to grab a cup of coffee with a friend and just chat. Or know that when I need help because I have over scheduled or run into a snag with school and kiddo activities that I have people who will help me out. To all of the people that have been there for us over the last year and a half ....I thank you. From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, I thank you.  There is no way I could have gotten through any of this, let alone be going back to school and doing as well as I am and keeping the boys in a relatively active lifestyle without you.


     Moral of the story.....if you know someone who is struggling (it doesn't even have to be with a loss), reach out. You never know when that smile or cup of coffee or simple "are you ok" will make a difference.


  1. I like your moral of the story; "simple" acts of kindness like this in a time of need like yours can go a long way indeed. I am glad you have a great support system.


  2. just catching up on your posts. Such an honest reflection Thanks so much :)
    visiting from atoz x

    1. not sure why the link won't work. :(

    2. Thanks for checking out my stuff! I try to be as honest and transparent as possible, otherwise why I am trying to get across just won't work quite the way I want it to!

  3. Amen to your "moral of the story"! Everyone has something in their life that they need to cope with, or be strong about, and I truly believe it's our support system that makes us or breaks us.
    ~Katie :)