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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


    What has been most challenging for me so far in this journey is trying to find the will or the time to celebrate the little accomplishments in my life.  There are so many things that everyone else takes for granted that I realized I accomplished lately that deserve a shout out.  There are victories in every day, and if I learn to embrace them and reward myself, it can be a great stepping stone to moving forward.  I think that as the journey progresses the accomplishments will get bigger and bigger, but for now, I'm working on giving myself permission to celebrate the small things.

Getting the kids to school on time with little to no drama.
Getting up and showering and getting out of the house every day for a week.
Passing an exam with flying colors.
Telling someone how I really feel about something they did without being a cold hearted bitch.
Being able to support other people in their times of need while processing through my own hurt.
Sticking with a particularly difficult task, no matter how much I want to quit.

     Sometimes I fail to realize that although my journey through grief has been difficult, there are others whose learning curve on being a newly single person, parent, and overall widowhood has been even more difficult than mine.  To those of you who learned how to do something you never had to do before like potty train a child as a single dad, or learn how to drive, or fix a lawnmower, or balance a checkbook, or buy a car on your own, I applaud you.  Take the time to celebrate the little victories in your life, you deserve it.

Right now, you are all you've got!

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  1. All those everyday tasks are A LOT! When I stay in today and cross things off my mental to-do list, I feel accomplished. Hey, you've made it through this A to Z blog challenge. Way to go! I look forward to seeing your posts come up in my blog roll. Have a super duper day!