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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Insomnia sucks!

     I could say insomnia is my new best friend. If that were the truth. I get where people would think that it isn't really that bad, it allows you to get things done that you normally wouldn't have the time to do, etc. they would be right. For the first night. Then comes day two. And day three. After the third day of barely sleeping, one ceases to function during the day too.

You can't remember things. You forget important things like a test, or your son's karate class.

Your room/house is a mess because you are taking what little energy you have left to make it through waking hours to do the things that you can, with the least amount of energy that you can, and that definitely does not include cleaning.

Eating? Yup, cross that one off the list too. When you can't sleep your appetite goes out the window, which then gives you no energy to get through the day - a horrid, vicious little cycle.

Conversations with other people dwindle down to nothing because nothing makes sense. You don't focus enough to listen well, and then when you do formulate an answer in your foggy brain, it usually comes out jumbled.  I've re-read texts I've sent while exhausted and they are not a pretty sight.

     Inevitably, someone will recommend sleeping pills. Which sound like a great solution. Except that they are not. At least not for me.  I find sleeping pill sleep to be not all that restful and rejuvenating. It is like someone turns of a switch and then 10 hours later turns it back on. There is a lot of fogginess and confusion upon waking up, and I am still sluggish during the day. Not to mention the addiction issues.

     Other home remedies are hilarious too...
Warm milk.
Reading a book.
Watching a long, boring movie.
Counting backwards from 100. Or 200.

     Finally, maybe around the fourth day of subsisting on MAYBE two to three hours of sleep a night, you collapse at 6pm from sheer exhaustion. Only to wake up at 2 am. After all, you have already been sleeping for 8 hours!! And so the cycle begins again.....

No wonder they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

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  1. I haven't suffered insomnia from the death of someone, but I have suffered from insomnia and you are right, it is so hard to try to function on minimal if any sleep. Restful nights, far and few between, do seem like a blessing when they occur.