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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Temper and Tolerance

     I have such little tolerance for other peoples crap.  I know I am supposed to be cognizant of everyone else's journey, and really, if I expect people to be cognizant of my journey, shouldn't I be tolerant of theirs?  Sometimes, though, the pure ignorance that comes out of a person's mouth brings me quick to temper.  I have ALWAYS been a fairly temperate person.  I would look at both sides of an argument, weigh the good points and the bad points and offer my opinion. Now, I know the old adage, opinions are like a$$holes, everybody has one. Mine just tends to rear it's ugly head more often than not anymore.  As I think about it, my quick mouth may be the reason that people don't wish to associate with me on an intimate basis.  As my stress level goes up, my tolerance for other people goes down.

Oh, you're too hungover to go to work? Deal with it. Im not working a double to cover you. Drink some water, take some tylenol, and get over it.

You failed your history test because you had better things to do than study? Too bad. Don't let your parents argue with the professor to change your failing grade.

You call me to cancel plans last minute after I've gotten a sitter and wonder why I won't go out with you again?  It's called having respect for myself, too bad you didn't have any for me.

You hit me up with a text message and you have not spelled one word correctly? It doesn't even dignify a response.

    I suppose I could be more zen, learn how to meditate, go hit a heavy bag, practice self care....all of those therapeutic tools I have been equipped with, but sometimes, it just feels good to lose my temper.  I absorb so much from everyone, not to mention dealing with my own day to day struggles with kids, school, and grief.  I don't know how I manage to keep my temper for as long as I have.  My fuse is definitely shorter and shorter.  Some of the only times I feel like myself anymore is when I can let my hair down just a little.

Go to my favorite bar and have a few drinks.
Go to my favorite art gallery and spend time with some of the most creative people that I know.
Go shopping at my favorite boutique shops that no one else knows about.
Plug in my headphones and listen to some of my favorite records (yes, I actually mean vinyl records).

Have you ever gotten to that breaking point where you have lost your temper? Weathered the fallout? What do YOU do to de-stress?


  1. I drink a glass of wine to de-stress. I have gotten to the breaking point where I lost my temper, but not lately and certainly not dealing with what you are dealing with. I can see why your fuse might be shorter than it was in the past; before you had your spouse to help filter things, share things with, etc., now you are doing it on your own, so I'm sure it is easier to see situations that bother you and act on them rather than filter them out, if this makes sense.


    1. I really try to filter out what I can, but sometimes my mouth is quicker than my brain! A glass of wine sounds like a fantastic de-stressor!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, naps....I do miss them so! I relish in days where my house is empty and I have no classes and I can take one. Even a half hour does refreshing things for the soul!